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Special thanks to Liliana Hernandez-Salgado for this update.

Mexico has new teleworking regulations that were published today and will come into effect tomorrow.

The main actions that employers should implement under these new regulations are:

  • Update individual employment agreements for new employees who will be working remotely.
  • Draft agreements to include teleworking obligations for existing employees who are or will be working remotely.
  • Update collective bargaining agreements or internal labor regulations.
  • Determine the payment that will be made to employees for internet and electricity expenses and analyze the impact of such payment from a social security, tax and labor standpoint.
  • Keep record of the work tools (computers, ergonomic chairs, printers, etc.) and training provided to employees.

The Labor Ministry will have eighteen months to issue a Mexican Official Standard for the health and safety measures that should be implemented under this type of work.

We are happy to assist with the implementation steps to comply with these new regulations. For more information, please read here.