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For the last year, employers have faced unprecedented challenges navigating the impact of the pandemic. Keeping up with scores of new laws, evolving standards, shelter-in-place orders (see our tracker here), quarantine restrictions and more has meant no rest for the weary. And, in the backdrop, there’s the looming threat of employment litigation arising from all of these new obligations and never-seen-before circumstances.

In the last several weeks, a number of significant wage and hour class actions were filed against large employers for claims relating to COVID-19 screening policies.

According to BTI Consulting Group’s Litigation Outlook 2021 Report, companies expect more litigation than ever before and employment litigation is surging faster than all other areas. To help employers prepare to mitigate any potential litigation dangers, we prepared a checklist of claims to beware of. And, by way of example, we’ve included allegations lifted directly from filed complaints. As experienced litigators, we are also well-seasoned counselors and can advise on strategies to minimize exposure early on in these key areas. Please contact us for assistance.

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