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Recent and rapid artificial intelligence developments have captured public attention and much has been discussed around how organizations will need to prepare.

From an employment standpoint, the increasingly sophisticated potential for AI applications spans the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding, training and more.  
In the second report in our Workforce Redesign: Outlooks for Business Leaders series, we explore how businesses can responsibly address evolving AI risk in the context of recruitment and empower a more diverse and engaged workforce. Key considerations include:

  • Critical blind spots in HR and hiring tools oversight as it relates to the use AI.
  • Discrimination and data privacy concerns in the application of AI throughout the recruitment process.
  • The importance of establishing your “AI mindset” across initiatives to withstand rapid change and addressing AI-specific risk areas.

Read the article today to confidently plan for what’s next for your workforce.

More articles coming soon! Our Workforce Redesign: Outlooks for Business Leaders series spans the key areas of change that are shaping the modern workforce, including: responsible AI in HR, the future of flexible work and the war for talent. Visit our hub for all of the insights on this topic to date, with more content coming soon!