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Special thanks to co-presenters Ricardo Castro-Garza, Alfonso García-Lozano and Javiera Medina-Reza.

This year our team helped Mexican employers overcome a range of challenges across the employment law landscape — from keeping up with evolving health & safety obligations, defending contentious employment disputes, supporting the legitimization of collective bargaining agreements, and much more.

In this episode of Quick Chats for the Mexican Workplace, we review key labor and employment lessons from 2023 and prepare you for the challenges ahead in 2024. For example, we’ll discuss:

  • Best practices for legitimizing collective bargaining agreements
  • Increases to vacation entitlements
  • Proposed amendments to the Federal Labor Law to reduce the hours in a workweek

Possible changes to laws restricting criminal background checks

This video was recorded on November 29, 2023. With the rapid changes in Labor & Employment law, please be sure to subscribe to The Employer Report blog for the latest updates and stay tuned for our next Quick Chats for the Mexican Workplace episode.

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