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2023 was a landmark year for labor in the US, and 2024 is on track to keep up. Last year, the NLRB’s General Counsel was relentless in overturning precedential decisions and standards impacting both unionized and non-unionized employers. The result was an overall employee-friendly shift to labor laws encouraging both unionization and concerted employee actions impacting working conditions. Key developments included restricting confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses in employee severance agreements, and attacking certain restrictions in noncompete agreements.

2024 is on pace to keep up the pressure on employers. For instance, since the Board’s August 2023 Stericycle, Inc. decision, administrative law judges have ruled that 26 employer rules or policies run afoul of the new legal test for work rules. In fact, ALJs have found fault with two-thirds of the rules that they’ve analyzed under the Stericycle framework.
In this video, our Labor & Employment team break down the major developments in 2024 thus far, predict what’s next and share practical advice for guiding your company through the current employee-friendly labor landscape.

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