So you’ve determined the employees who will be included in the layoff and determined any WARN obligations . . . now what?  While its often brushed aside as an administrative exercise, employee final pay is a significant action that is full of traps for the unwary.  Governed by the Texas Payday Law, failure to properly provide final pay can subject a company to civil liability of up to $1,000 per violation, and, if intent is shown, criminal liability.  Fortunately, the Texas Payday Law provides guidance on how to handle a number of common questions regarding final paychecks.
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Conducting a layoff can be a difficult and delicate process.  The first step in any layoff is to determine which employees will be terminated.  In the current business environment, the last thing any employer wants is an employee bringing suit!  So, how can employers start off on the right foot to avoid a lawsuit by a disgruntled former employee?
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