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Narendra Acharya, a Partner our Chicago office, answers the question and explains why companies rely on them in their global employee mobility programs.

Moving employees across borders quickly and within budget is a formidable task considering the immigration and visa requirements, tax and social security implications, data privacy mandates, employment rules, stock benefits and compensation issues, and FCPA restrictions. But having the ability to mobilize talent is essential to the success of today’s global businesses.

Reach out to your Baker McKenzie attorney for help designing, implementing and managing global mobility programs that address all of the legal and administrative issues and help clients avoid the pitfalls of international personnel transfers.

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This handbook is the go-to resource for in-house counsel, human resource managers and global relocation professionals to identify key mobility issues — ranging from business immigration and employment to compensation and tax.  It provides guidance, and highlights vital information that multinational employers need to know about managing the movement of managers and professionals, trainees and business visitors — from short trips to long-term assignments.