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Only one thing is certain: Nothing is certain. The global transactions market remained robust in 2018 and still into 2019, despite well publicized macro-economic uncertainty, stemming from Brexit concerns, among other developments. Real threats to free trade and investment flows remain, with the potential for a much more serious outbreak of protectionism and isolation on a global scale. A recession may or may not be looming, depending on the day of the week and your news source.

So, as in-house employment counsel managing an international workforce, what can you do to best position your company to thrive in uncertain times? The short answer: Be prepared … for anything and everything.

To get you started, read this article. Our team of authors outline approaches, tips and preparation pointers to help effectuate some of the most common types of actions that in-house employment counsel are likely to face in the near future.

And for help managing business change, reach out to your Baker McKenzie employment lawyer.