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Forty-eight million people listened to podcasts on a weekly basis in 2018 (up 6 million from the previous year). For the busy professional, convenience has a lot to do with this growing popularity. Carving out time to read a complex article or attend a lengthy webinar can be tough, but listening to a podcast on your morning commute usually isn’t. That’s why firms are investing resources to produce podcasts that deliver breaking news and important legal analysis to clients and consumers.

Susan Eandi, head of our global employment and labor law practice, was recently interviewed by Legaltech News about the value firms find in podcasting. In it, Eandi notes how much clients seem to appreciate the “quick reach out” that Baker McKenzie’s podcasts provide.

They know enough about what’s happening during their commute to work that then they can sit in the meeting and say, ‘Hey, we need to be aware of this,’” said Eandi.

For more of Eandi’s insights and to understand what it takes for firms to produce consistent and timely podcast content, read the full article here.