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Special thanks to Celeste Ang and Stephen Ratcliffe.

We launched the seventh annual edition of The Year Ahead: Global Disputes Forecast, a research-based thought leadership surveying 600 senior legal and risk leaders from large organizations around the world and highlights key issues we anticipate to be crucial for disputes for this year.

In addition to this report, click here to view the webinar focused on Employment Disputes.

If you are a little short on time, skip ahead to hear about…

  • 02:36 | The big picture: global trends that influenced the global disputes landscape
  • 04:04 | What our survey says: top disputes risks
  • 06:04 | What our survey says: employment disputes
  • 06:42 | Employment disputes on the rise
  • 18:11 | Pay transparency as a growing global trend
  • 34:29 | Restructuring and reorganization
  • 44:30 | Contingent workforce
  • 56:57 | Q&A: How is AI changing the employment disputes landscape