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With signs that the virus is peaking in the US, and with some state Shelter-in-Place Orders scheduled to be lifted in the coming weeks, employers are turning their attention to planning for how best to bring employees back to work.

As with the initial outbreak, US employers can look to other corners of the world that are ahead of us in terms of the curve of the virus to help construct a blue print for reopening. As some countries scale back restrictions and start returning to daily life, the transition is purposefully gradual in an effort to safeguard against a second spike of infections. So, what should a US employer be focusing on as it strives to achieve a necessary balance between maintaining a safe workplace and putting people back to work?

There are eight key considerations employers must address in planning to reopen the workplace. A US employer’s “playbook” for reopening should include a “chapter” on each topic as outlined below. While we provide a table of contents and high level advice here, stay turned for articles from our team in the coming days and weeks that will take a deeper dive into some of these areas.

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  1. Government Orders
  2. Timing
  3. Workplace Safety & Prevention Strategies
  4. Testing & Health Screening
  5. Managing Employee Concerns
  6. Workforce Communication
  7. Labor Agreements
  8. Litigation Mitigation