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We’re monitoring a few new twists in the story of remote work, including:

  • Enhanced risk for bias suits targeting remote staff for layoffs
  • More ADA claims alleging mishandling of accommodation requests
  • Changes to digital nomad visas in different jurisdictions around the globe, and
  • The critical need to identify where all employees are located when the company is part of a M&A transaction or spinoff.

In addition, the importance of getting your arms around this topic cannot be understated from the point of view of corporate tax exposure. As you are likely keenly aware, each state, local, or foreign jurisdiction has its own provisions related to remote and hybrid workers with varying levels of expense and complexity.

Spring is an excellent time to check-in on your remote work policies ahead of summer travel. Should you like support and a fresh perspective, our team at Baker offers a cross-disciplinary approach to plant the seed for success in this area. For more on this, click here.