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US legislators and regulators are unleashing new compliance requirements for global equity programs at a dizzying pace and many companies are struggling to keep up. Global equity programs remain essential to compete for and retain top talent, but are also quite complex to structure and manage due to rapidly shifting laws and regulations around the globe.

While there’s no silver bullet to achieve one and forever done compliance with global equity plans, our “10 Best Practices for Global Equity Awards” paper and Best Practices Checklist share pragmatic advice to guide companies in creating and managing global equity award programs.

We hope our complimentary resources help your team with some of the foundational issues and easiest ways to get tripped up. Since global equity offerings require continued care and attention, don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning global equity lawyers for further support.

For more information on how to not just roll out a global equity program, but maintain compliance for the long haul, contact our Compensation team.