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We recently published an update to our 50-state Shelter-In-Place / Reopening Tracker.

Please see HERE. This is updated weekly.

For your convenience, here is a summary of the major updates from around the country:

  • The Governors of Alabama, Georgia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Wyoming extended their emergency declaration orders and/or the duration of the current phase of their reopening plans.
  • Massachusetts and North Carolina moved to the next phase of their respective reopening plans.
  • New orders were issued or existing orders were amended in Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, New York and South Carolina that allow for the reopening of, or increased capacity at, certain sports and entertainment venues, bars and restaurants.
  • The Governors of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York modified their tri-state COVID-19 travel quarantine list to add Colorado and remove Arizona and Virginia. The tri-state list currently includes 34 states and territories.
  • The Governor of New York also issued a new order that requires travelers entering New York from any country with a Level 2 or Level 3 health notice as designated by the CDC to quarantine for 14 days.
  • The Michigan Supreme Court ruled on October 2, 2020 that Governor Gretchen Whitmer had no authority to issue or renew executive orders related to COVID-19 beyond April 30, 2020. On October 4, 2020, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced she would no longer enforce the Governor’s orders by criminal prosecution.

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