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Special thanks to Lothar Determann, Helena Engfeldt, Jonathan Tam, Andrea Tovar, and Vivian Tse.

2022 is looking to be an unprecedented year for California companies’ privacy law obligations. The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) takes effect on January 1, 2023 with a twelve-month look-back that also applies to the personal data of employees and business contacts. The new California Privacy Protection Agency is preparing regulations that will sit on top of existing rules from the California Attorney General. Meanwhile, the California Legislature is enacting privacy laws even though it has not repealed or streamlined any of the myriad California privacy laws that continue to apply in addition to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

With this virtual seminar series, privacy specialists from Baker McKenzie offices in California want to help prepare you for new and upcoming privacy compliance tasks in various business areas, in collaboration with other practice groups.

Our first session on Tuesday, March 1 from noon to 1 pm Pacific will focus on privacy law compliance in the HR context, where the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) brings major changes in dynamics effective January 1, 2023 with a 12-month look-back to 2022. With colleagues from our employment law practice group, we will provide practical guidance on:

  • preparation for CPRA compliance,
  • data access/deletion requests from employees and contractors,
  • record retention/deletion,
  • processing of vaccination and other health information,
  • background checks,
  • interviews,
  • investigations,
  • treatment of contractors and employees of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)/Employers of Records (EORs),
  • and more!

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