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Multinational companies with headcount in the UK will be keen to know how the legal landscape across the pond is shifting this spring. We’ve highlighted updates below in 3 key areas (employment law, immigration law and HR privacy).

First, there are number of employment law changes coming into force in April impacting:

  • Rights to time off work (e.g. paternity leave and carer’s leave) and flexible working, and
  • Increases to statutory payments and compensation (e.g. statutory sick pay, national minimum wage and more). Find the details HERE.

Second, there are changes to the immigration rules for business visitors to make it more attractive to do business in the UK. Read more HERE.

Third, click HERE for our quarterly EMEA HR Privacy Newsletter. This includes key updates from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), notably enforcement orders to employers to stop using facial recognition technology and finger print scanning to monitor the attendance of its staff for the purposes of determining pay. There is also draft guidance from ICO on keeping employment records in compliance with data protection law.

For questions about any of these updates, please contact a member of our team.