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The news that a COVID-vaccine is finally becoming a reality presents organizations with the possibility of returning to business as normal. While governments and health organizations are in the throes of planning their vaccination programs and pre-ordering the vaccines, with regulatory approval still pending in most countries, there is uncertainty about the timing, viability and availability of a vaccine.

Widespread availability of the vaccine may still be some way away from being a reality. The WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) suggests priority groups for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine should include frontline health and care workers at high risk of infection, older adults, and those with underlying conditions at high risk of death (e.g. heart disease and diabetes).

Nevertheless, employers around the globe are keen to prepare for the possibility of utilizing the vaccine to protect their workforces, to promote business continuity, and to mitigate the current health and safety risks of a return to the office.

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