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In May, we gathered nearly 100 inspiring leaders and thinkers from the business and academic world to predict and plan for the future of work. We are delighted to share key messages and insights from our fourth Global Employer Forum in the link below.

However, in case you’re short on time, here’s the tldr:

We are in a period of unprecedented transformation, driven by technological development, globalization and significant demographic changes. Our world is hyper-connected, and the pace of change is rapid, bringing social and political transformation and creating profound global shifts in expectations. Global employers must evolve at speed to meet these disruptive forces head-on and to thrive in this future of work.

Four key themes for employers emerged:

1) Purposeful Leadership.

To succeed in the current landscape, companies are expected to align personal and corporate values by bringing purpose to business. Successful leaders will be courageous enough to initiate positive change not just within their organizations but in their value chains, supply chains and outside their industries.

2) Culture of Inclusion.

To truly reap the rich rewards of a diverse workplace and gain a competitive edge, companies must invest generously and continuously in inclusion strategies.

3) Employee Experience.

As Colleen Schuller, VP and Head of Employee Experience @ GSK, explained:

Focusing on employee experience is essential for unlocking individual and organizational performance. It’s about understanding people as individuals — their sense of purpose and what motivates them. Designing a compelling employee experience means supporting people to be themselves, feel good and keep growing.”

4) Technological Advancement. 

Frontier technologies are creating a cycle of opportunities and a requirement to retrain and upskill. The key to future-proofing your company: create and empower a culture of continuous learning.

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