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Employee handbooks are at the top of employers’ key priorities.

Why? The NLRB’s recent decision in Stericycle adopted a retroactive “employee friendly” standard for workplace rules, including those often included in handbooks. In addition, the new year often rings in new laws requiring changes to workplace policies often included in handbooks. And, the US Supreme Court decision banning affirmative action in higher education has led employers to take a closer look at their inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) related policies and statements in employee handbooks. 

What does this mean? There’s some urgency for employers to get a handle on how they may need to revise their handbooks, in response to both the current landscape and new laws taking effect soon.

In this video, our Labor & Employment lawyers discuss the practicalities of what the Stericycle case means for handbooks, the latest and projected legislative changes affecting workplace policies, and how (and why) employers may wish to give their ID&E-related policies in handbooks a refresh.

Now is the perfect time for employers to get their arms around what’s coming down the pike that may require them to make changes to their handbooks — and we’re here to help.

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